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Our van build shopping list

On this page, we’ve gathered things we have in our van to make it easier for others to find what you’re looking for. We hope that this will make your conversion or renovation a bit smoother and save you some time. 

We’ve spent a lot of time researching what’s best for our build, and this is what we ended up with.

I’ll add more products here as we go, and if you have questions about something that’s not here just send us a message and we’ll do our best to help you!

To make it easier for you to find the items in a shop near you, I’ve added links to multiple stores for each item. Some of the items are only available in one country, if that’s the case, I’ve tried to find a similar item in other locations.

Eurpoe (EU)
United Kingdom (UK)
Sweden (SE)
Australia (AU)

Disclaimer: Some of these links (not all) are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something using one of those links we earn a small commission from that purchase.  The price for you is the same.

Things we used for our

Water system

s-l1600 (2)

seaflo / Amazon

12v water pump

This water pump is a pretty common model to have in rv’s and van conversions and we can really understand why. It’s small, doesn’t make too much noise, it easy to install and simply works really well. 

Screenshot 2020-10-24 at 14.26.44

seaflo / Amazon

Accumulator tank

If you have or are planning to have a pressurized water system we highly recommend adding an accumulator tank to your system. The accumulator tank makes your water flow much smoother by lessening the variation in pressure and flow between the pump and the outlets in the system.



Kitchen sink

We love to cook and to make it as easy as possible to do the dishes it was really important for us to have a large, deep sink. We ended up with one that’s 40x40cm and are really happy with it 

Untitled design (5)


12v ball valve

We use this 12v ball valve to empty out gray water tank from inside the van. This makes it much easier to empty the tank and we never have to crawl under the van and risk getting waste water all over us. 



Shower mixer kit

Our all black shower mixer kit is one of those things that we’re really happy with, it really takes the shower to the next level!

Untitled design (3)


Drinking water Faucet

To match our kitchen faucet we bought this small faucet for our drinking water.

Untitled design (4)

clearity of sweden

water filter

We knew from the start that we wanted to have a good water filter in the van and did a lot of research before ordering one. We decided tp go with this one from the Swedish company Clearity Of Sweden and we’re really happy with it. 

Things We Used For Our​

electrical system


renogy / Amazon

MPPT Charge Controller

We have a 60A MPPT Charge controller from Renogy to charge our lithium batteries from our 800w of solar panels. How many Amps you need depends on how much solar panels you have.


Renogy / Amazon

2000w inverter

2000w inverter from Renogy that we use to power all of our 220v appliances.


Renogy / Amazon

DC-DC charger

To charge our batteries when we drive we use a 40A DC-DC charger from Renogy. It work’s really well and makes sure that we can always charge our batteries even if it’s not sunny. 



12v outlets

Since we have a 12v electrical system in the van we have a few of these outlets in the van. 

s-l1600 (1)


12v fuse box

To make sure all of our 12v appliances are correctly fused we have two of these 12v fuse boxes, one on each side of the van .

Untitled design (6)


Solar panels

We did a huge amount of research before purchasing our solar panels and watched a lot of tests before we decided to go with 4 200w flexible solar panels from SunYee. They are pretty cheap, but performed outstanding and better than most of the more expensive alternatives on all of the tests we watched. 



Solar Cable Entry Gland

This is the solar cable entry gland we have on the roof. It protects the cables and makes sure there’s  no leak from where the cables enters the van.



Heat Shrink Tubing

Super handy when making cables for pretty much every part of the electrical system.



Crimping tool

Works perfectly for crimping cable connectors.



Crimp connectors 520pcs

We used way more of these than we thought we would, so having a large kit like this was super handy.




A must when troubleshooting our electrical system. 



12AWG solar panel cables

Extension cables to connect our solar panels. 



Solar cable connectors

Connectors for our solar cables.

Things We Used For Our​



Acegoo / Amazon

Acegoo 12v ceiling lights

These lights are really slim and super easy to install. They are dimmable and you can choose if you want a warm or cold light when you buy them. 



Spice rack

Our spice racks are from IKEA, we stained them to be a bit darker and match our countertops. 



Stick-on tiles

We absolutely love our green stick-on tiles! The color is absolutely beautiful and the tiles feels very durable. They are also lightweight which was really important for us. 

Things We Used For Our​

Elevator bed


Burton / Amazon

Barton Double Upright Block 8mm

We used a total of 3 of these blocks for our bed.


Burton / Amazon

Barton Single Block 8mm

And two of these 8mm single blocks.



12v electrical winch

We bought the electrical winch in the Swedish store Biltema. I must admit it’s a bit loud, but apart from that it works really good.



Emma Mattress

We have a 140x200cm Emma mattress in the van. It’s a memory foam mattress and it’s really comfy!

Things We Use In Our


90L innehåll-800x800


90l compressor fridge

81-liter fridge + 9-liter freezer. For us this is the perfect fridge and we love that it also has a small freezer. We bought it from the Swedish store Energilandet. 


Thetford / Campingvaruhuset

Thetford gas stove + oven

To have both a stove and an oven was an absolute must for me, and we’re really happy with thisthree burner stove and oven.



Enamel mug

We use enamel mugs to keep the weight down and to make sure our mugs don’t break when we drive.



Spice jars

We use these spice jars to make our spice rack look extra pretty.



dish soap pump

To save some space we have this built-in dish soap pump next to our kitchen faucet. 



Reusable cotton tea bags

These tea bags are absolutely amazing, we use them every single day and can’t imagine using anything else.



Reusable Metal straws

Metal straws with storage bag and cleaning brush.



Kitchen sink

We love to cook and to make it as easy as possible to do the dishes it was really important for us to have a large, deep sink. We ended up with one that’s 40x40cm and are really happy with it 

All the good-to-have


bosch / Amazon


Our screwdriver/drill is by far the tool we’ve used the most during the build. Most of the time we had one each to work with and that really saved us a lot of time. 

Milwaukee / Amazon

Jigsaw Milwaukee

This is of the tools that we couldn’t have finished our build without is our jigsaw. We had a cheap one that was a pain in the ass the whole build, so if we ever build something again, a good quality jigsaw is a must!


bosch / Amazon

Bosch Table saw

This is one of the most expensive tools we decided to invest in, and we’re so happy that we did. It has been a huge help when cutting all the pieces that have to be straight.


milwaukee / Amazon

Circle saw

Really nice to have! We used our to for things like cutting our countertops and walls.


milwaukee / Amazon

Sander Milwaukee

A must if you’re planning to work with wood that you’re going to paint or stain. Without a sander this would have taken us a huge amount of time and energy.


bosch / amazon

Bosch Multi Tool

Another one that has been SO helpful during the build. At first, I was sceptical, but now it’s one of the tools I use the most.



Crimping tool

Works perfectly for crimping cable connectors.


milwaukee / Amazon


A great tool to cut metal, we also used it a lot to get rid of some stubborn rust on our floor and walls. 


bosch /  Amazon

Bosch Combination Saw

Another one that we couldn’t have done it without. 



Pipe wrench

Really handy when working with plumbing.

all the

other stuff


air head

Air Head composting toilet

We absolutely love our composting toilet. It’s super easy to use and clean, has a high and comfortable seat and there’s absolutely no smell what so ever. 


maxxair / Amazon

MaxxAir Deluxe Fan

This fan is has a lot of different settings, is really quiet and can blow the air both in and out. We have it places between our stove and shower, and it works perfectly.



Diesel heater

We use this diesel heater pretty much 24/7 during the cold months in Sweden. It has become somewhat noisy, but it really keeps us warm. We’ve used it when it’s been up to -15 degrees (celcius) so far without any problems.

Things We Use In Our

camera bag


fujifilm / Amazon

Fujifilm X-T3

This camera is my baby and I love it SO much! It can take absolutely amazing photos, it’s performing good in both light and darker locations and it’s much smaller that a full size camera. It’s also absolutely amazing for producing video content.

fujinon / Amazon

Fujinon 50mm Lens

My favorite lens for shooting people. The only downside to it is that you have to be pretty far away from the object your shooting, so it’s not the best lens for shooting in the can. 

fujinon / Amazon

Fujinon 35mm Lens

My all-around lens that I’m using most of the time. it’s great for both portraits and landscape photography. 

gopro / Amazon

GoPro Hero 8

When we need a smaller camera to film with we use a GoPro Hero 8. We’re really happy with it and can’t wait to bring it on all of our adventures. It also has a great image stabilizer and makes your videos really smooth! 



GoPro accessory kit​

This is a really cheap kit for your GoPro that contains all accessories that you need! 

Untitled design (7)

zhiyun / Amazon


To shoot smooth videos with the Fujifilm X-T3 we use this gimbal and it makes such a difference for the end result. 

Untitled design (8)

manfrotto / Amazon


We have a lightweight Manfrotto tripod that we bring pretty much everywhere. It’s one of those things that everybody should have.


dji / Amazon

Mavic Air drone

Who doesn’t love a good drone shot? Mavic have some amazing drones, I bought a Maivc Air a few years ago and couldn’t be more happy with it. It’s easy to fly with and takes great both photos and videos.

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