How is vanlife in Spain different from Vanlife in Sweden?

We finally went south and are now doing vanlife in Spain. It’s hard to grasp that we’ve only been on the road for a bit more than a month. It feels as if we’ve lived like this forever and so much has happened since we left Sweden!

We drove pretty quickly through Germany and France to get to Spain and some warmer weather.

So, what do we think Spain so far?

We absolutely love it!

Driving through Germany and France it was pretty gray, cold and most of the time it kind of felt like Swedish autumn (after all the colors are gone). But, when we was abuot an hor from the spanish border it was as if someone just pushed a button and all of a sudden we saw the ocean, it was sunny and there were palmtrees everywhere!

Personally, I’ve always liked Spain, I’ve felt welcome here since the first time I visited Spain with my aunt abot 20 years ago.

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How is vanlife in Spain different from Vanlife in Sweden?

Apart from the most obvious different, the temperature, there are a few things that stands out for me:

  1. Laundromats. There are places to do your laundry everywhere! It usualy costs about 4-6€/ 10kg machine and it takes no time at all! In Sweden we always do our laundry at our familys places, otherwise it’s pretty hard to find somewhere to do the laundry outside of campsites.
  2. The diesel price. The diesel price in Sweden is starting to get crazy high! When we left the price was about 1,90€/l, the cheapest we’ve found in Spain is 1,18€ (but it’s usually around 1,30€)
  3. Parking. In Sweden you can park pretty much anywhere and there are a lot of places to park in nature. In Spain it’s been a bit harder to find good spots that aren’t already completely full of RV’s and vans.
  4. The people. Sweden is known for not being very social, we don’t talk a lot to people we don’t know. In Spain, I feel like people are a lot more open to talk to strangers.
  5. The living costs overall. A lot of the everyday stuff like food, toilet paper and stuff like that is a lot cheaper in Spain.
  6. More vanlifers. Our experience is that there’re a lot more vanlifers in Spain than it is in Sweden. We think that is a good thing, since we’ve already met so many amazing people on the roads!

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