Say hi to Nova, our rescue pupy!

So, this isn’t at all how we planned to start our journey, but sometimes life just happens and plans changes and we couldn’t be happier about it. So, let’s tak it from the start.

Jacob had been wanting to get a dog for as long as I’ve known him, and I’ve been missing to have a furry family member for a long time. We had been talking about adopting a street dog on our way back to Sweden this summer, but nothing was really set in stone.

Just a few days after we arrived to Spain we met up with Raleigh and Oliver from @wildcraftedhome who had just adopted their 7 month old puppy Leo from a shelter nearby. A couple of days later Leo had a vet appointment that the shelter coordinated. We had heard that the shelter just got two new puppies that needed new homes and decided to come with Raleigh and Oliver to the shelter when they picked up Leo just to look at the new puppies.

Nova and Leo – a couple of days after we adopted Nova.

We didn’t really think that we were going to adopt any of them because it’s really important for me that it feels absolutely right, that the ouooy is a good fit for us so that we can give it the best possible life.

When we got to the shelter there were a ton of dogs there, both puppies and grown dogs, all running around playing and barking. From the back two quiet puppies ran straight through the grop of dogs to my lap and just cuddled up. Those two puppies were Nova and her brother.

Nova and her brother in the shelter

It was love at first sight, we didn’t want to leave her there. It felt so right and as if it really was ment to be. A family had already reserved her brother, if that wouldn’t have been the case, we probably would had adopted them both.

That same night we filled the adoption application that got approved pretty fast, the next morning we started to prepare the van for a new family member and went to the pet store to buy food, a leash, bowls, toys and other stuff a puppy should have. We were SO excited, and later that afternoon we brought her home from the shelter.

Nova and some of her siblings before they were rescued

Nova was rescued from the streets

Nova, her seven siblings and her mom were resced from some ruins in Spain when she was just a few wees old. They we’re all checked out and vaccinated by a vererinarian and then placed in a few different foster homes.

If you’re interested in adpoting a dog from Spain, I’m going to write a blog post with tips and things to think about before adopting. Some of them will be specific to Swedes adopting a dog, and other more general about adopting a dog from Spain.

Do you want to read more about Nova and what it’s like traveling with a dog? Check out the category Vanlife with a dog!

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