Best SIM-card when visiting Portugal (unlimited data)

Are you traveling to Portugal and are looking for the best SIM-card for your trip? I did a lot of research before we crossed the border from Spain and I found an unlimited, cheap, prepaid data card that was the perfect fit for us.

unlimited sim card portugal

So, if you’re looking for unlimited data, MEO has a data SIM-card that will be perfect for you. And it’s pretty cheap too! With this SIM-card you hade two options; 15 days unlimited data for €15 or 30 days unlimited data for €30. If you need data for longer than that you can top it up for the same price, up to 50 days at a time. For me, this is pretty amazing!

As comparison, in Spain we had to pay €35 for 150GB, and that wasn’t enough for us since we both work/study from our computers.

Click here to read more about the MEO pre-paid data sim card!

You can buy the SM-card on their website and have it shpped to you (or the hotel where your staying), or buy it in a MEO store wherever you are going. You can find MEO stores in petty much every city in Portugal, and the ones that I’ve visited have been very helpful.

Do you want to read more about vanlife in portugal? Click here!

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