How much did our van conversion cost?

And now to the million dollar question: How much did our van conversion cost? In this post I will break down the costs of our entire van conversion, as well as give you the grand total that we’ve spent on the van.

Because we live in Sweden all our costs are in Swedish Krona, so I’ve also added a rough estimate of every cost in EUR to make it easier to convert to your currency.

The van

So, let’s start with everything that we’ve spent on the van itself, including the cost of building the van. You know all the things we altered with the van, such as installing windows, ceiling fan, repairs and services.

Sprinter van conversion
The van itself65 000 SEK (€6500)
Windows6 076 SEK (€600)
Ceiling fan + sunroof5578 SEK (€550)
Service + repairs12 000 SEK (€1200)
Other costs8 546 SEK (€850)
Total:97 200 SEK (€9720)

Electrical system

We knew pretty early on that we wanted to have an electrical system that could power up a lot. Since the plan was to be able to work from the van once we moved in we knew that we needed to be able to charge our computers on a daily basis, charge camera and drone batteries as well as powering everything inside the van such as the refrigerator, fans, lamps and diesel heater.

Do you want to buy the same electrical components that we’ve used? Check out our van build shopping list or click HERE!

Solar system7 990 SEK (€800)
Batteries12998 SEK (€1300)
Cables2 362 SEK (€230)
2000w Inverter2 200 SEK (€220)
40A DC-DC charger1 500 SEK (€150)
Other costs6 454 SEK (€650)
Total:33 505 SEK (€3350)

Water system

In this category I’ve included all parts related to the water system, such as the shower tray, mixers, drinking water tap and the water tanks. Note that I haven’t including other building elements such as the shower walls or kitchen tiles here. This is only water related stuff.

Do you want to buy the same water system components that we’ve used? Check out our van build shopping list or click HERE!

Kitchen5 663 SEK (€570)
Shower5 003 SEK (€500)
Water tanks3 600 SEK (€360)
Other costs8742 SEK (€880)
Total:23 009 SEK (€2300)

Building materials

In this category, I’ve gathered all the wood, insulation, screws, adhesive and other things we’ve used during the build. There’s a massive amount on “other costs” here, it’s everything from hinges and the floor to countertops and paint. There are a lot of small costs that I didn’t feel was big enough to put in a separate category, but together they really add up.

Van conversion costs
Insulation7 775 SEK (€777)
Plywood6 148 SEK (€615)
Wall panels2 497 SEK (€248)
Other wood1898 SEK (€190)
Screws1018 SEK (€100)
Other costs18 602 SEK (€1860)
Total:37 940 SEK (€3794)

The bed

Because we get so many questions about the bed, not only how it works, but also the about the costs, I decided to put all of this in a separate category. In the beginning we talked about a happijack, but we didn’t want to spend $2000 on only the lift mechanism (with shipping and taxes), and it’s also pretty heavy, 190lb.

That’s why we decided to design our own system with an electrical winch, wire and ropes.

Do you want to buy the same components that we’ve used to build the bed? Check out our van build shopping list or click HERE!

Mattress4000 SEK (€400)
Lifting mechanism2 829 SEK (€283)
Total:6 829 SEK (€683)


This is the only category that turned out to be way less than what both of us thought it would be. And looking back, we probably could have spent a bit more here to have good tools from the start, that would have saved us a lot of time. This is also the only category where spending more now, means spending less if we decide to do another build.

Do you want to buy the same tools that we’ve used? Check out our van build shopping list or click HERE!

Total:12 971 SEK (€1297)


This is all the costs of things that didn’t fit in any other category, such as refrigerator, the toilet and other stuff that might be interested to know the cost of.

AirHead Composting toilet12 000 SEK (€1200)
Refrigerator4 894 SEK (€489)
Stove/Oven7 595 SEK (€759)
Diesel heater1239 SEK (€124)
Other costs26 838 SEK (€2560)
Total:51 327 SEK (€5132)

The total cost of our van conversion

We’ve finally come to the part of this post that you all have waited for, the grant total of what our van conversion did cost.

Please bear in mind that we’ve never done anything like this before, so there are some things that we’ve had to redo just because we weren’t happy with it the first time. If we decide to do another build, we think that we can make it both faster and cheaper.

The van97 200 SEK (€9720)
Tools12 971 SEK (€1297)
Building elements57 515 SEK (€5751)
Electrical setup33 505 SEK (€3350)
Water system23 009 SEK (€2300)
The bed6 829 SEK (€683)
Other costs31 732 SEK (€3173)
Total:265 484 SEK (€26 484)

Do you want to read more about our van conversion? Check out the category “The Build”!

I hope this information was helpful if you’re thinking of ( or already has started to) convert a van. Please know that this is our costs, and it doesn’t mean that this is how much your build will cost. I’ve read about people that spent a minimum amount of money and still managed to build a beautiful van. Remember that you are the one pulling the strings in your conversion!

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