Everything you need to know about our AirHead Composting toilet

How does the AirHead Composting toilet work?

A composting toilet separates the pee from the poo. The pee goes to a container in the front and the poo to a container in the back.

The AirHead has a fan and a vent that sucks air from the solids container to both prevent smell, help dry the solids and help with the composting process. Our fan is blowing out under the van. And yes, it will smell outside of your van for a few minutes after you poop, but it goes away pretty fast.

Before you start using it you have to fill about half of the solids container with coconut fiber (or some other composting component).

Why did we choose AirHead?

We did A LOT of research before we decided which toilet to buy. We decided pretty early on that we wanted a composting toilet, because we really didn’t want a chemical toilet. Why? Because they tend to smell a lot (the chemicals), they are often pretty low and if you’re two persons who use it full time you have to empty it a couple of times each week. With a chemical toilet you need to find special dumping stations where you’re allowed to empty it, where as the waste from the composting toilets counts as normal trash and you can just empty it in a trash bag and throw it where you throw the rest of your trash.

We watched countless of videos of people comparing the Airhead composting toilet with both Natures Head and C-Head. We read about pros and cons and compared all the measurements and decided that the AirHead was the best fit for us. One of the main reasons why we chose this one instead of the Natures Head was that you need to open the solids container every time you’re going to empty the pee in the Natures Head, with the AirHead you simply slide the container out (you can see in more detail how we do it in the video below) when you need to empyt it.

AirHead composting toilet

How and how often do you need to empty an AirHead Composting toilet?

Jacob and I are two grown persons who use the toilet full time. We need to empty the pee container every third day or so, and the poo about once a month.

We usually empty the pee in a regular toilet in a resting stop. It’s super easy and just take a couple of minutes.

When we empty the solids, we lift the whole toilet outside to have a bit more space around us. Then we simply put a trash bag over it and turn it upside down. You’re not supposed to clean the container, just fill it up with new coconut fiber and your good to go. The reason you’re not supposed to clean it is that the bacteria that forms during the composting process help a lot to start the composting again after you’ve emptied it.

Pros & Cons

We absolutely love the AirHead composting toilet, but as with all toilets, there are some pros and cons. Here’s what we think about it:


  • It doesn’t smell at all inside the van.
  • It’s really easy to empty, both the pee and the poo.
  • We only need to empty the poo once a month.
  • The AirHead is pretty high, and more comfortable than a lot of other toilets you often find in vans and RVs.
  • You don’t need any chemicals, so it’s pretty good for the environment.


  • We have to empty the pee container every third day or so.
  • Pee can smell pretty bad when you empty it.
  • The price, $1200 it pretty damn expensive for a toilet!

I hope this was helpful in your choice of toilet! If you have any more questions about it, leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible!

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