How (and where) do we empty our gray water?

How do we empty our gray water?

When we started to build our water system one thing I always had in mind was that I wanted things to be as easy as possible. Therefore we decided to install a 12v ball valve on our gray water tank. This way we can empty it by just clicking a button inside the van.

I’m really happy that we did it, because it made it really easy to deal with the gray water. Otherwise we would have to crawl under the van to open a manual ball valve and most likely get wet in the process.

We also have a water level gauge in both our gray water tank and fresh water tank to make it easy to know when we have to fill or empty our tanks.

Where do we empty our gray water?

We almost always use the app Park4Night to find a place to empty our water tank. As a premium member (it’s like $10/year so it’s really cheap) you can filter what places you want to see on the map. One of the things you can filter by is places where you can empty gray water.

We’ve come to notice that it’s most common that you can empty your gray water at campsites and RV stops. On campsites, the dump station is usually inside of the fences and you have to pay to go in there. In RV stops you can usually empty the tanks for free. Some of them aren’t open to just drive in, but on all of the places we’ve been so far they’ve been super friendly. We just asked them if it would be okay to empty our water tank even if we weren’t staying there, and so far it has been everywhere.

How often do we have to empty our gray water tank?

Since we haven’t installed our shower yet, we don’t use as much water as we will when we’re completely done. As it is now, we can last about a week without having to fill or empty the tanks, a think that is really good!

How big are our water tanks?

Our gray water tank is 75 liters, and our fresh water tank is about 125 liters.

Do you want to read more about our water system? Check out all of our water system posts here!

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