Högbergsfältet, Sweden

Värmland, Sweden


Högbergsfältet (Högberg field), an abandoned iron ore mine

We’ve spent a few days in Värmland where we’ve visited Jacob’s family and decided to visit Högbergsfältet (Högberg field). Since we bought the van we’ve saved a bunch of places that we want to visit and today we got to visit one of them. An hour from Karlstad where Jacob’s family live we found this beautiful place called Högberg Field, we parked the van and headed out to the forest to explore the surroundings, without knowing more than what we had seen on Google Maps. 

The spring still hadn’t come here, but even though it still was pretty gray it was really beautiful. One of the first things that caught my attention when we headed into the forest was an old ruin. Next to the ruin there was this huge hole in the ground, it must have been at least 15 meters deep. Just looking down made me curious about the place. 

One of the oldest mines in Värmland

The Högberg field has some of the oldest mines in Värmland and is a beautiful place for both hiking and exploring some Swedish history. <br><br>The fields are filled with holes and old ore mines, the largest is 215 meters deep. That’s pretty crazy! Iron ore was mined here as far back as the Middle Ages and continued until 1906. A lot of the mines aren’t available to the public, due to security risks, but there are some that you can enter safely. You can enter the most famous one near the water and after a short walk in the tunnel the mountain opens up and you’ll be surrounded of moss filled walls and beautiful rock formations.


Shimmering chunks of stone

Near some of the ruins and mines, you can find these amazing blue/green-ish shimmering stone blocks. If you decide to bring one home with you, remember to just take a small piece to preserve the area as much as possible.

You'll find a lot of these by the ruin near the lake.

A lot of places to enjoy the nature

The lake yngen

If you are like me and enjoy spending time by the water, there are a lot of beautiful places for you here. If you have access to a boat there are a lot of small islands to visit. 

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